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Wind power ordinance needed

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My neighbors and I live on Christy Hill in Sedgwick where a wind test tower has been erected for the purpose of a feasibility study. If wind is found to be adequate, my neighbors and I will be faced with the prospect of at least three 400-foot wind turbines located well within one mile of our homes.

Most of us have heard about the wind turbine developments located on Vinalhaven and in the town of Freedom. People in both communities who had been in favor of the wind turbines now find that the sound that comes from them is unbearable. The wind turbine development that is planned for Christy Hill is a very similar plan to those of Vinalhaven and Freedom.

The town of Sedgwick needs to enact an ordinance regarding wind turbines. I have spoken with 27 of my neighbors, all located within 1.5 miles of the test tower, and each one told me that it’s a nice idea but it does not belong in a location where our quality of life and property values will be negatively affected.

Nicole Gray

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