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Deer Isle-Stonington High School—Low-Performing School Archive

Deer Isle
Deer Isle-Stonington High School—Low-Performing School Archive

In 2010, the Maine Department of Education released a list of individual school performance on the state standardized tests. Deer Isle-Stonington High School was listed in the bottom ten of all schools, qualifying the school to apply for a “school improvement grant.” The source of the funds was the federal No Child Left Behind law.


  1. DIS High school off “low performing” list
  2. Deer Isle-Stonington High school still waiting for written response from state
  3. State asks high school to withdraw application
  4. School improvement grant delayed by federal requirement
  5. School improvement grant process drags on
  6. Board, principal frustrated, but prepared for grant delays
  7. Frustration mounts as state delays school improvement grant process
  8. CSD 13 School board approves budget with 2.44 percent increase
  9. Staff capacity and student support major portions of request
  10. Board, principal question school improvement grant process
  11. High school principal to keep job as federal "transformational" grant is sought
  12. School board gives green light to grant process
  13. Superintendent refuses to consider firing principal
  14. State issues a ‘slap in the face’ to DISHS, as school works to improve


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  5. Will you do your share?
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  8. Fundamentally important knowledge
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  9. "One of the 10 lowest performing schools in Maine"
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  10. What’s the plan to improve local education?
    Island Ad-Vantages, 3/18/10
  11. School not a failure—bureaucracy is
    Island Ad-Vantages, 3/18/10
  12. Community invited to discuss school improvement options
    Island Ad-Vantages, 3/18/10
  13. Opportunity for school improvement
    Island Ad-Vantages, 3/18/10
  14. DISHS is already “Racing to the Top” despite low-achieving school designation
    Island Ad-Vantages, 3/11/10

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