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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, November 18, 2021
Blue Hill-area climate change group plans weekly rallies

Climate Action Network holds rally in Blue Hill

More than three dozen people, including students from George Stevens Academy and Deer Isle-Stonington High School, rally near the Blue Hill Bridge on Friday, November 12, to demand legislative action to stem climate change.

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by Jeffrey B. Roth

Despite the threat of heavy rains on Friday, November 12, more than three dozen demonstrators lined the sidewalk in front of the Blaze Restaurant, across from the Blue Hill Bridge, demanding action on the climate crisis.

“I received more than a dozen ‘regrets’ emails from folks who were out-of-town, had other commitments…leading me to conclude that more than 50 people resonated with the rally,” said Tony Ferrara, coordinator of the Climate Action Net and Americans Who Tell the Truth. “The experience was so positive that we are planning to make the rally a weekly event as soon as we can determine the best day and time for George Stevens Academy and Deer Isle-Stonington High School students to participate.”

Ferrara said that following the rally, the organizers held a group conversation about climate change and actions they believe the government needs to take to meet the challenges of global warning. The purpose of the rally, he explained, was to connect local people who share concerns about the health and well-being of the planet. The conversation ended with a written statement from Rob Shetterly, of Americans Who Tell the Truth:

“I’m sorry I can’t be with you today. But I celebrate your deep concern about the condition of the climate, the earth, and your determination to bring this culture and economy into harmony with what the earth and our fellow species need,” Shetterly said in the written statement. “We don’t own the earth, it owns us. We only own a small envelope of time and the voice sealed inside. It’s our responsibility to liberate that voice, discover the power of that voice, and use that power to maintain the health of all species on this miraculous planet. Here, on this little bridge in Blue Hill, you are modeling the leadership, both local and planetary, the world needs. Have courage. Persist! Live with love and joy!”

For more information, contact Ferrara at or 326-8564. To learn more about Climate Action Net, visit