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Originally published in Castine Patriot, October 11, 2018 and Island Ad-Vantages, October 11, 2018 and The Weekly Packet, October 11, 2018
Brooklin food truck’s ‘Gott’ lunch

Gott Lunch? opens in Brooklin

The Gott Lunch? food truck opened in Brooklin on September 17, featuring a variety of wraps and melted sandwiches. Owners Jackie Gott, left, and Megan Carter revel in serving their first customer on opening day.

Photo courtesy of Gott Lunch?

by Monique Labbe

Lunch options in Brooklin increased by one last month, as the Gott Lunch? food truck opened its serving window to the public on September 17.

“We’re learning every day,” said Jackie Gott, who, along with daughter-in-law Megan Carter, owns the new business, located on her husband’s family property on Naskeag Road.

The pair expected to serve “about six” people on opening day. They served 28, and 44 on the second day.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better first two days,” said Carter. “I was out there calling people over to come eat, like ‘hey, I know you—come get a sandwich.’ It’s been a lot of fun.”

Owning a food truck has been a dream of Gott’s for many years, when she and husband Joe came up with the idea. Joe died five years ago, and when she told her kids that she was hoping to make the dream come to fruition soon, they told her to do it now.

“I told them I wanted to do it when I was older, I’d do that in the summer and go to Florida in the winter. They told me I was already old and to do it now,” said Gott with a laugh. “I decided to just do it.”

The process was a “total family thing,” with her kids and grandchildren all lending a hand to help get the truck ready. Gott said that everyone she dealt with in town has been supportive of her opening up the truck.

“They were really good about saying yes and helping us get everything we needed,” she said. “Everyone in Brooklin has just been so great.”

Both Gott and Carter work in other businesses owned by the family, which keeps their schedules busy on days the food truck is in operation. The pair said they are able to keep their energy up, to go from one job to the other.

“We’re used to it,” said Carter. “Jumping around from place to place is not new to us.”

Because of their busy schedules, and still trying to get a handle on how they will move forward with the business, the truck is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays. The limited hours will allow them to fine tune, improve, and work out what they will need to operate throughout the summer next year.

The menu currently features wraps and melted sandwiches, ranging from a crispy buffalo chicken with jalapeños and pepper jack cheese, to a bacon, pickles and cheddar melt.

“This is all just trial and error right now,” said Gott. “Hopefully, when summer comes next year, it’ll just be old hat and we’ll walk in ready to go.”

For now, the truck can be found at 9 Naskeag Road, right next to the Brooklin General Store, through the end of November. Specials are also posted on the Gott Lunch? Facebook page.

“We got lunch,” said Carter. “Hopefully people will come eat with us.”