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Originally published in Castine Patriot, May 8, 2014
MMA students recognized for civic achievements

Maine Maritime Academy honors Professor Evans

Johanna Evans accepts the Spirit Award from Jeff Loustaunau during the Student Life Awards held on the MMA campus in Castine, Maine in May of 2014.

Photo courtesy of Maine Maritime Academy

Students at Maine Maritime Academy are encouraged to complete community service hours as part of their education, according to a news release from the academy. The academy’s annual Student Life Awards Banquet, held in April, recognized students who have contributed time, knowledge and skills to help better the college and surrounding community.

The Student Life Participation and Leadership Awards Committee, made up of MMA staff and faculty, recognized community members with awards for student community service, and with the Sarah F. Hudson Unsung Mariner Award, Mariner Pride Award, and Phyllis Tenney Community Service and Leadership Award.

Level-one awards acknowledge positive community involvement. Students recognized in this category have made positive contributions to the MMA and/or Castine communities through personal involvement in extracurricular activities, employment positions, volunteer programs, community service projects, or leadership positions, typically over one year or less.

The following students were recognized as level-one award recipients: Brandon Allison, Morgan Andrews, Ryan Backus, Dina Bahloul, Catherine Bailey, Jared Bolduc, Simon Burditt, Andrew Catlin, Frank Chepke, Steven Chesley, Patrick DeFoor, Jordan Dehlinger, Ryan Donlon, Patrick Duffy-Miller, Haley Eckert, Tyler Engelhardt, Kenneth Estes, David Gagne, Taylor Grace, Timothy Grant, Samuel Hall, Jared Hall, David Hallett, Katelyn Hart, Lydia Hoff, Kyle Huston, Keenan Kalthoff, Adam Kravetz, Rebecca Leathers, Molly Marcotte, Alonzo Martin, Matthew McGowan, Lauren McKenna, Marissa McNally, Dylan Meklin, Jessica Menges, Sarah Meyer, Daniel Mills, Alison Mitchell, Sean O’Connor, Russel D. Pearce, Juan Pedroza, Jordan Peeples, Kevin Pepin, Thomas Perkins, Kevin Pettengill, Juergen Pilot, Graham Pingree, Taylor Ploch, Sabrina Rancourt, Kyle Robbins, Sydney Robertson, Nathan Rooney, Chelsea Rullo, Patrick Saunders, Anthony Scenna, Shawn Silva, Victor Skorapa, Lillian Slazas, Robert Smart, Jacob Smith, Nicholas Snelling, Pascal Swiercz, Trevor Tash, Luke Thye, Alexander Toth, Cortney Treadwell, Elizabeth Trenckmann, Mackenzie Vosburgh, Thomas Whitney, Cristin Wright, Nicole Yim, and Casey Zacharko.

Level-two awards represent outstanding community involvement by MMA students. Those honored at this level are outstanding citizens who have made significant contributions to the MMA and/or Castine communities through dedicated personal involvement in a variety of extracurricular activities, employment positions, volunteer programs, community service projects, or leadership positions, typically over multiple years and in many cases in multiple areas.

The following students were recognized as level-two award recipients: John Amendola, Ryan Armstrong, Amanda Bello, Sam Berner, Nicholas Berner, Genevieve Black, Maureen Blanchard, Peter Boyd, Cameron Brien, Samuel Brown, Richard Brzoska, Nicholas Cabral, Rebekah Campbell, Evan Carrier, Christopher Carter, Hannah Chisholm, Christopher Cloukey, Benjamin Cummings, Katie Dever, Brian Dockham, Benjamin Dolloff, Nathan Dublin, Keenan Eaton, Cameron Eisenhaur, Emily Fanning, Kyle Fredricks, Alexander Gagnon, Evan Gaskin, Nicholas George, Christopher Gilman, Dania Gomez Villa, Aaron Gralnik, Isaac Grindle, Sarah Grindle, Kathryn Haenn, Joshua Hale, Andrew Harrison, Kelsie Hilton, Danielle Holt, Haley Hunt Griffin, Cory Jernigan, Kristina Kelley, Annie Koensgen, Cassandra LaFontaine, Melissa Lail, Wyatt LaPage, Neal Lofgren, Phillip Lowe, Kyle Marshall, Chad McDonnell, Matthew McNair, Owen Mims, Alexander Morrison, Travis Norwood, Olivia Osborne, Troy Osborne, Jillian Perron, Elizabeth Pingree, Austin Porter, Cynthia Schultz, Tara Silber, William Silver, Charles Spear, Jonathan Steirer, Ethan Stubbs, Erica Taylor, Connor Thomas, Zachariah Webster, Timothy Whitaker, David Wilson, Kasee Wilson, and Nathaniel Zmek.

The Mariner Pride Award is a community-wide nomination that honors an organization, event, or activity that enhances Mariner Pride by bringing people together and helping to strengthen the campus community.

This year’s Mariner Pride Award was presented to Professor Johanna Evans, an assistant coach for the MMA Cross Country Team who organized a community event that brought together students, faculty, staff, Adams School students, and others. On October 30, 2013, 23 teams of four people, many in Halloween costumes and carrying glow sticks, ran a 2-mile relay race on the MMA campus raising money for TeamTessa. The event raised nearly $700 for local people affected by cancer. Johanna Evans was responsible for the planning and executing this event.

The Sarah F. Hudson Unsung Mariner is a student-nominated award that is given to a faculty or staff member for demonstrating outstanding community service and support of student life.

This year’s Unsung Mariner award recipient was Coach Chris Murphy. Murphy’s nomination read, “He invests in his athletes’ total development and prepares them for success in their careers and personal lives. He teaches them life lessons in character development, integrity, honor and discipline that are too often overlooked in college athletics.” Coach Murphy will be retiring at the end of this year, after serving MMA and its student-athletes for 22 years.

The Phyllis Tenney Community Service and Leadership Award is presented to a student who has displayed outstanding dedication and loyalty to MMA, commitment and service to the Castine community, exemplary leadership skills, and has achieved great success academically and socially at MMA.

The 2014 Phyllis Tenney Community Service and Leadership Award recipient was Benjamin Cummings. He has worked to serve MMA, his fellow students and the community since his arrival four years ago.

Cummings carries a 3.5 GPA in Power Engineering Technology and has been a member of the men’s soccer team for four years. He has been a Resident Assistant, served as a co-chairman on the Honor Board and is Vice President of the Student Government Association. In addition, he is an active member of APO, SLICE, the Ham Radio Club, Ultimate Frisbee and Ice Hockey club sports programs. Originally from Bar Harbor, Cummings will graduate in May and move to Rome, Georgia where he has accepted a position as a REACH Engineer at International Paper.