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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, May 15, 2014
Arbutus Grange awards deputy Kane with Citizen Award

Hancock County, Maine deputy honored with citizen award

Hancock County, Maine Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Kane receives the Arbutus Grange Community Citizen Award in May 2014 for his years of service and his work with students and the community.

Photo courtesy of Miriam Black

by Faith DeAmbrose

Having been a sheriff’s deputy in Hancock County for close to three decades, Scott Kane said he has always believed that being a part of the community is the best way to do his job. That commitment is paying off as he campaigns for the post of Hancock County Sheriff. Recently awarded the Arbutus Grange Community Citizen Award, Grange Master Miriam Black said that organization intends to help Kane get elected.

Complete with poetry and comedy skits involving handcuffs and arrests, the Surry Grange arranged a fun-filled evening for Kane when presenting him with its annual award on April 16. Black also penned a poem in Kane’s honor.

While not technically born in Surry, Kane’s father, who is from Surry, moved the family back to town when Scott was entering kindergarten. Kane and his six brothers all attended school in Surry.

This is not the first award Kane has received in recent months, and while he says he “sometimes feels uncomfortable” by the recognition, he believes that the work he has done over the years has made a difference in the community. “I have been the beneficiary of good relations, especially on the [Blue Hill] Peninsula,” said Kane, and he plans to build on that as he moves toward a contested primary race in June.

“I am in it to win it,” said Kane of the election. “I want people to know that I intend to implement new ideas and philosophies in certain places” in the sheriff’s office, if elected.

The following poem was written by Arbutus Grange Master Miriam Black and presented to Kane during the organization’s presentation of its Community Citizen Award:

Ode to Scott Kane

By Miriam Black

I was asked to write a poem,

But the words just won’t come: there’s no doubt,

I’ve stewed and pondered, Oh, what can I say?

But the right words just won’t come out.

How can I put in poetic form

All the things that you do?

Working hard to keep the peace,

For twenty-three years through.

Teaching our children to stay drug free,

With a program that’s called D.A.R.E.

About twenty years that you do this,

With a quiet and pleasant air.

Then at George Stevens,

The baseball team you coach,

And then there’s Camp Post Card,

Of which you are a co-host.

Now you’re running for sheriff,

We wish you well, no doubt,

We’ll do our best to help you,

By getting the voters out.