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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, June 5, 2014
Brooklin board eyes security camera for old dump site
41-acre property donation discussed

by Rich Hewitt

The Brooklin Board of Selectmen plans to install a security camera at the former town dump site after someone left a pile of garbage there recently.

The trash included a love seat, mattresses and a box spring and a sofa cushion, according to board member Lori Gallo. They had been dumped outside the gate of the former dump site on the Old County Road. Those items have since been removed.

Chairman Albie Smith said that this was the first time in a number of years that this has happened, although he noted that it had been a problem a number of years ago. Gallo suggested that installing a motion-activated camera at the site would help to identify anyone dumping trash there. The other board members agreed although they did not discuss the cost involved.

The town is working with George Eaton and the Odd Fellows to locate and maintain veterans’ graves in the town’s cemeteries. Many of those graves, some dating back to the Revolution, have become overgrown.

The town office is working to expand the use of the TRIO software program to all areas of the town budgeting process. The town has had the program for several years, but according to Smith, it has been used sporadically.

Gallo is working with town treasurer Tammy Andrews to organize the process and said that once everyone in the budget process is using it, it will make that process a lot easier.

“We’re still in the preliminary stages,” Gallo told the board on Tuesday. “But, with this system we will know everything. And it has the potential to save us money over the long run.”

The town has received an offer of a donation of property from the Dahlgren family. According to Smith, the town had been approached in the past about a donation of the 41-acre parcel on Harriman Point Road. The family is now ready to donate that property although the formal offer in the form of a letter has not yet been received, he said.

Gallo will represent the town on a select committee to work on improving Route 15 and other state roads in the area. The board is also looking to name a local resident to serve on that committee which will include representatives from the 11 towns that backed the Fix 15 forum last month.

The town office will be closed on Thursday, July 3, and the planning board will not meet that day.

The town’s finances for May 27 included receipts of $19,447 and a warrant of $58,958, of which, $51,674 was for the school department. The financials for June 3 included receipts of $14,518 and a warrant of $37,185.