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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, June 19, 2014
Little League program gets boost from community

by Faith DeAmbrose

The Little League field in Deer Isle village, properly called the Adam Vickerson Field, got some sprucing up this season thanks to help from area businesses and community members.

Each year the Little League coaches find sponsors to help pay for uniforms, explained Tasha Conary-Brown in a recent interview. Brown’s husband, Garrett, is a Little League coach and she assists wherever she can. This year not only were new uniforms needed, she said, but the field was in rough shape and needed attention

The field went unused last year, she said, and a Little League program did not exist on the island. Determined that the field—and the league—would not suffer the same fate this year, the Browns teamed up with Bennett and Tracie Morey and began to raise money for all the league needs.

More than 28 businesses stepped up and became a sponsor of the 2014 Little League program. They paid for banners, with their business advertisements, to be created with the business’ name and rented space along the outer field fence from May through October, said Brown. Community members also donated to the cause, she said, and after all was said and done, approximately $3,000 was raised. Ellsworth Building Supplies donated picnic tables and Maine Camp Outfitters printed the banners.

So what did the league do with the money? It bought new uniforms, helmets, catchers’ gear, balls and bats; they got a grill for concessions, storage totes to overwinter items and repaired the bleachers. There is also money left to build a sign with the field’s name by the roadside.

Close to 50 children ages 4 to 12 participate in the island’s Little League program.