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Deer Isle & Sedgwick
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, June 19, 2014
Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge Dedication Day remarks

Governor Lewis Barrows dedicated the bridge on Sunday, June 19, 1939. At the ribbon cutting, he said, in part, “I dedicate this bridge to the late Frank McGuire, to the citizens of the Town of Stonington, to the citizens of the Town of Deer Isle, to Hancock County and the State of Maine.”

A letter from Harold L. Ickes, Public Works Administration administrator, was read at the dedication:

“In response to your request, it is a pleasure for me to send this greeting to the people of Deer Isle on the occasion of the completion of the Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge as a PWA project.

“It has been my good fortune to visit East Penobscot Bay and view the beauties of Deer Isle. I have also been through Eggemoggin Reach before the bridge was started and have had an opportunity to observe the construction as it proceeded. When the people of the Bay and officials of the State of Maine first presented this project to the Pubic Works Administration, there were many scoffers, and PWA officials were frequently told that this was a bridge that wouldn’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t be built. But courage has long been a quality of the people ‘down east,’ and in the local-Federal partnership which resulted in building this bridge the citizens of the [Penobscot] Bay country have kept faith with their Federal partner.

“You now have the bridge—one of the finest public improvements anywhere in this area. In the years to come, it will mean much to Deer Isle. It is my hope that it will aid you materially in your business affairs and in your comfort in living. It is my further hope that whatever changes it may bring to Deer Isle will in no way be permitted to impair the beauties of your land, but will make it possible for more citizens to enjoy life with you.

“I congratulate Deer Isle on the completion of this bridge.”