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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, June 12, 2014
V&S Pharmacy hires new pharmacist
Former pharmacist to open own pharmacy

by Jessica Brophy

In late May, V&S Pharmacy hired pharmacist Angela Park as a replacement for Doug Edinger, who had served as the pharmacist there since 2008. Edinger is planning on opening his own retail pharmacy in the former Connie’s/Annie’s building in Stonington.

Deanna Oliver, treasurer for the Island Employee Cooperative board and Manager of Finance and Administration, said the employee cooperative is taking full control of Burnt Cove Market, V&S Variety and V&S Pharmacy in the next few days. The cooperative tried to work out a contract with Edinger over the course of a few months, she said.

“We had settled on money, but there were other issues,” said Oliver. “He didn’t want to be involved with the cooperative. We were desperate; we went back and forth many times. We made a final offer and then we started looking for someone else.”

Edinger said he is disappointed it didn’t work out. “We moved here with the intention of spending the rest of my life here,” said Edinger. “I love this town, and love the people. Anyone who’s ever come to me knows I love my patients.”

Edinger declined to comment on the details of the negotiation with the cooperative.

Oliver said the cooperative was disappointed they couldn’t work out something with Edinger. “We know everyone loves Doug, but he refused and we had to find someone else,” said Oliver. “We’re doing what we need to do to serve the community.”

Oliver said the cooperative was fortunate to find Park. “She’s very good, very nice and outgoing,” said Oliver.

Edinger said there is no concrete timeline for opening his pharmacy, which will be called Seaside Pharmacy. He is currently in the process of applying for licenses and permits. The pharmacy will be a full-service independent pharmacy, he said, and will work like any other pharmacy.

Oliver said she isn’t sure how the island could support two pharmacies, but she’s hopeful that the community will continue to offer support to the cooperative and the 65 employees who are part of it. “Anyone can support whomever they like,” said Oliver. “We’re going to be around, we have a lot of support [as a cooperative]. We will be here.”

A new face at V&S Pharmacy

Angela Park has many years of experience as a retail pharmacist. A retail pharmacy is one located in a store or that sells medicines and other products to consumers, rather than a pharmacy located within a hospital. She has worked for corporate pharmacies like CVS, and also for smaller, independent pharmacies. Most recently, she worked in Nebraska at an independent retail pharmacy.

Park is also no stranger to Maine. Several years ago, she worked for four years as the pharmacist at LaVerdiere’s in Fort Kent.

“My daughter was born in Caribou,” said Park. “For years I’ve wanted to come back. I’m so happy to get back to Maine.”

So, over Memorial Day weekend, Park drove 1,862 miles from Nebraska to Stonington. “I love Stonington, and the ocean,” she said. “I don’t know how I ended up in Nebraska.”

Park came to the U.S. from Taiwan in 1969 to attend high school and college. While in school, she started flipping through a “career catalog” and came across pharmacist.

At the time, she said, there weren’t many female pharmacists. “I wanted to do something that guys did,” said Park. “I wanted to be a pharmacist in part for that reason.”

Park became a pharmacist in 1980, and for her first few years she worked in a hospital setting as a pharmacist. Back then, she said, pharmacists in hospitals never saw patients or interacted with the public, which is why she prefers working in retail pharmacies.

Pharmacist Doug Edinger opening new store

Doug Edinger, the former pharmacist at V&S in Stonington, Maine is in the process of opening a new pharmacy in the same town called Seaside Pharmacy.

Penobscot Bay Press file photo
V&S’s new pharmicist Angela Park

Angela Park is the new pharmacist at V&S pharmacy in Stonington, Maine.

Photo by Jessica Brophy