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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, August 7, 2014
“This is my dream job”
Ronan named permanent BHMH Chief Executive

Ronan named permanent CEO of BHMH

New Blue Hill Memorial Hospital CEO John Ronan.

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by Faith DeAmbrose

When John Ronan was named the interim CEO for Blue Hill Memorial Hospital in April he said it was his “dream job” and that he hoped the hospital board and EMHS executives would see fit to keep him in that role for good. On August 1, he learned that he would have the opportunity to take on that role permanently and was officially named the organization’s CEO.

Ronan has been with the Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems for 17 years and spent the last four years at Blue Hill Memorial Hospital as its Chief Operating Officer.

Born and raised in Maine and a graduate of the University of Maine, Ronan said he is most proud of the fact that he was able to stay in the state and achieve his professional goals. Ronan currently lives in the Bangor area but plans to relocate to the peninsula as soon as he can.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish as BHMH CEO, he said his first priority is to work to “reestablish” the hospital as a part of the community. Since April, Ronan has traveled throughout the communities served by BHMH to listen. “I want to hear the good and the bad,” he said, adding that “if people are talking about the hospital at a party or a barbecue, I want to know what they are saying.”

Other goals include keeping the hospital on solid financial footings. “I plan to look at ways to run the operation more efficiently, reducing expenses where we can,” he said. He added that he is also committed to continuing to improve access for patients and aligning the most appropriate services with the needs of the community.

As healthcare is changing, said Ronan, we need to look at what makes sense for our organization. He noted the expansion of primary care hours, of oncology services and cardiology as examples where the hospital has responded to patient needs.

Ronan said he plans to stay at BHMH for the remainder of his career and keep stability in the CEO office. He said that the hospital is currently rethinking its plans for expansion and is instead focusing on patient care and satisfaction. “The expansion has been paused,” said Ronan, adding that the hospital is continuing to see how healthcare reform plays out and thinking about how best to structure itself for optimal success.