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Blue Hill
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, April 17, 2014
Sign amendment to be decided at next Blue Hill selectmen’s meeting

by Faith DeAmbrose

The placement of signs was the focus of a public hearing in Blue Hill on April 11 as the board of selectmen discussed language updating the town’s traffic ordinance to essentially prohibit the placement of signage in the roundabout atop Tenney Hill and the triangle at Main and Water streets.

The issue is public safety, say selectmen, and signs in those high-traffic locations would likely serve as a distraction.

The hearing drew a handful of citizens whose questions and comments ranged from ensuring fairness in enforcement to allowing temporary placard-like signs for specific events.

Resident Ellen Best said she agreed with the fundamentals of what the board was trying to accomplish, but suggested there be some discretion left to the selectmen to allow the placement of signs for one-up events taking place on Water Street at the hospital or town park. “Right now there is no language for the selectmen to bless that,” said Best, suggesting language be added “for temporary placement of signs for direction to a specific event.”

The selectmen will take action on the possible adoption of the ordinance amendment at their April 18 meeting, which begins at 1:05 p.m.