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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, April 17, 2014
“Ice out” officially called on Walker Pond

by Faith DeAmbrose

Since 1956 a steady gauge of the winter weather has been the “ice out” at Walker Pond. Too cold? The ice stays late. Too warm? The ice leaves early. Any guesses this year?

The annual Ice Out contest at the Eggemoggin Country Store has been part of the community for almost six decades and gives local residents a topic of conversation for a few weeks when most are ready for winter to leave with the ice. “It is a fun thing to help through the last of winter,” said ECS co-owner Trisha Robertson.

This year’s ice out was Sunday, April 13.

The ice out has seen some earlier departures: in 1976 and 1981, March 10 was the official ice out date. The latest date on record is April 27 and that happened in 1967. “It was so cold this winter,” said Robertson. “Imagine how cold it was that year.” Robertson believes in 1967 there was a very late winter storm that delayed the ice out.

“People kept asking…they kept saying: ‘hasn’t it gone out, yet?’” added Robertson.

The Robertsons do not determine the ice out date and only will say that it is “done by the same person every year.”

This year there were two people who guessed the correct date and in a run-off, Judy Hardy won a gift certificate to the store and Anthony Barbato will receive a hat.