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Originally published in Compass, April 10, 2014
Deer Isle homesteader releases new book

Anneli Carter-Sundqvist, the co-owner of Deer Isle Hostel, recently released her new book A Homesteader’s Year on Deer Isle. This is a collection of blogs originally posted on the Mother Earth News website that take readers through a whole year of living on an off-the-grid homestead, according to a news release from the author.

Carter-Sundqvist and her husband, Dennis, grow a year’s supply of food, raise pigs and chickens, provide their own building materials, garden amendments and energy. Carter-Sundqvist tells the day-to-day stories about digging out new garden space, swimming in the pond, chasing the pigs and preserving 150 heads of cabbage. She also shares her political and philosophical reasons for why in the 21st Century, homesteading and living off the land is not just something from the past but rather a sensible, dignifying and viable option for the future.

The couple opened the Deer Isle Hostel in 2009. They were awarded The Homesteader of the Year 2013 by Mother Earth News and the Best Budget accommodation in Down East Magazine.

The books are for sale at 44 North Coffee in Deer Isle, Island Heritage Trust Nature Shop and Blue Hill Books. They can also be purchased online at