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Originally published in Seasonal Guide, June 27, 2013
Welcome to Summer 2013 on the Peninsula

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” —Henry James

Welcome to summer—and to our Seasonal Guide’s summer edition. A summer’s day is beyond compare, but how we fill its hours is purely a matter of taste. Whether gallery or restaurant hopping, taking a walk along a scenic trail, hitting the beach with the kids, or sliding out onto the water by canoe or kayak, exploring all our 10 towns have to offer will surely fill the months of summer.

What’s in the summer issue

A Maine lobster… Lovely on your dinner plate, but how does it actually get there? We track its trail from the waters and docks of Stonington to the table in words and pictures.

Sea life on a small scale… The tide rises and ebbs, leaving behind pools both large and small, teeming with a unique ecosystem that is fascinating to explore. Naturalist Kathie Fiveash describes in detail the ins and outs of life in a tide pool; for kids, we break it down to the basics.

History fascinates, and we have a long one… Our 10 towns were settled as far back as the early 1600s, and each has a story to tell in documents, photos and the simplest of artifacts. Learning local history is fun and easy with a visit to our historical societies, which welcome visitors all summer long. We give you the where and when; their exhibits, receptions and events do the rest.

Good living… Our Arts Guide lists the many galleries that open their doors come summer. Our Restaurant Guide does the same for the eateries both casual and fine. Check our Summer Calendar for highlights from the hundreds of events that happen all summer long.

Find out more in any one of our three community newspapers: Castine Patriot, Island Ad-Vantages and The Weekly Packet.