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Originally published in Seasonal Guide, January 10, 2013
Welcome to winter on the Peninsula

Pat Heanssler
Photo courtesy of Anne Beerits

Dropping temperatures, falling snowflakes and the poetry of bare tree limbs against the sky form the background for this coldest of seasons. Whether you embrace the stark beauty found in the winter forests, cold-weather sports like skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating, or the warmth of logs blazing in the fireplace or woodstove with hands wrapped ‘round a cup of hot cocoa, winter always seems to allow more time to turn inward and reflect, even as we maintain our connection with friends, neighbors and community.

Our focus for this year’s Winter Guide is on keeping mind and body in top-shelf condition through healthy living. Our winter-exclusive Healthy Living Guide spotlights our area health resources, from yoga to counseling, massage to obstetrics, reiki to…reiki? Explore and learn more about alternative healing methods that emphasize preventive medicines, which is part of the direction established hospitals and clinics are embracing as a new health care directive.

How we feel, that is, our emotional health, works hand-in-glove with our physical well being. While winter is often the season of the blues, Valentine’s Day can lift us out of the February doldrums—and as you’ll read in these pages, it celebrates more than just romantic love. Who doesn’t love at least one person—or animal—in their lives? We highlight this traditional day of showing affection with fun and whimsy and, if it’s your pleasure, with chocolate, too.

Photo by Bette Britt
First snow
Photo by Colin Powell
Pat Heanssler
Photo courtesy of Anne Beerits
Penobscot Bay Press file photo