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Originally published in Castine Patriot, December 5, 2013
CMP upgrading power lines in Penobscot

Power poles upgraded in Penobscot

Central Maine Power is in the midst of an upgrade from a single phase line to a three phase line system. On Route 199, across from the Methodist Church, cross arms have already been installed on poles to hold the lines. The goal is to improve reliability, said Gail Rice, a CMP media contact.

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by Anne Berleant

Central Maine Power is in the midst of a project to improve its delivery of electricity to three roads in Penobscot.

The project is an “upgrade of the distribution system that serves homes and businesses in that area,” said Gail Rice, media contact for CMP. “We hope that people will see better reliability.”

A “three phase line” is being installed on New Road and stretches of Bayview Road and Southern Bay Road along Route 199.

“Essentially, what this means is we install cross arms at the top of a pole and then three wires to carry electricity,” said Rice.

Until now, electricity was carried on a single phase—or one-wire—line.

Cross arms are being installed at the top of poles to carry the lines. If the pole isn’t big enough to hold the three transformers, then a double pole will be placed directly behind.

Already, double poles are running along New Road and Route 199, with some already adapted with cross arms and transformers.

Rice said the company plans to complete the work by the end of December, which includes installing “some other protective equipment to help it run more reliably.”

“This is one of those lines that goes into the [Penobscot] Bay. These people are sort of near the end of the line,” she said.