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Originally published in Compass, August 8, 2013
Maine Shaman Scarlet Kinney releases CD

Maine shaman Scarlet Kinney, founder of The Standing Bear Center for Shamanic Studies in Surry, has recently released her new shamanic CD. Kinney developed Feminist Shamanism, a shamanic practice for women that restores women’s ways to the practice of western shamanism, according to a press release.

Realizing the need for a shamanic journey CD that addressed the unique needs of women, as well as men who want to journey with the support of feminine energy, she began the process of creating one herself. She layered several levels of shamanic percussion, singing and chanting on each of the CD’s two tracks.

The first track, “Mother Light,” begins with Kinney’s original shamanic song of that name, segueing after 11 minutes into shamanic journey drumming with multiple drums. The second track, “Five Directions,” begins with five original shamanic chants for opening the five directions within shamanic reality for deep journeying, and segues into journey drumming with multiple drums, rattles, and sticks.

The CD is available on and Information: 664-0752 or