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Originally published in Compass, August 8, 2013
Greenlaw reunion to be held on Deer Isle

The Greenlaw Family Association Quinquennial (five-year) Reunion will be held on Deer Isle from September 6 through September 8, the association announced in a press release.

The association formed following a reunion in 2003 which celebrated the 250th Anniversary of the arrival of William and Jane Greenlaw from Scotland in 1753. The Greenlaw family spread throughout the coastal areas of North America. The family was divided during the Revolutionary War, and the association celebrates the heritage of the family on both sides of the Canadian/United States border. The association hosts a reunion for Greenlaw descendants and those interested in the Greenlaw family every five years, alternating the location between the U.S. and Canada.

You need not be a member to attend any of the functions. The Deer Isle location was chosen because of the rich Greenlaw history on the Island, the availability of historical information and the beauty of the area.

Workshops will be held on various topics, such as the early years of the Greenlaw family, Greenlaw genealogy, original Greenlaw homes still standing on Deer Isle, the Penobscot Expedition, the Castine Loyalists, and other topics. The Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society will be fully staffed for reunion attendees to research their roots in the archives, and view historical exhibits in the various buildings, including the 1830 Sellers house and the Maritime Exhibit Hall. The historical society in Castine also has interesting information about our ancestor’s lives.

Two dinners are planned, both with live Celtic and seafaring music from renowned Maine musicians and featuring local food. A remembrance service honoring our ancestors will conclude the official reunion activities.

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