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Originally published in Compass, August 29, 2013
Bar Harbor Bank & Trust employees recognized for service

Margie Gray of Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

Margie Gray, AVP/Product Development & Research, was recognized recently for 30 years of service at Bar Harbor Bank & Trust.

Photo courtesy of Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

Recently Bar Harbor Bank & Trust employees and directors were recognized for their years of service at the Bank. In addition, several employees were acknowledged for their continuing education achievements.

Judy Newenham was recognized for 40 years of service. Barbara Hepburn was recognized for 35 years of service. Recognized for 30 years of service to the Bank is Margie Gray.

Those recognized for 25 years of service include Debbie Mitchell-Dow and Maureen Kane. Bob Phillips, Terry Tracy, and Lynn Huffman were recognized for 20 years.

For 15 years of service, Bob Lavoie, Allyson Wallace, Deena Allen, Julie Redman, Gerry Shencavitz, Elena Martin and Julie Zimmerman were recognized.

Recognized for 10 years of service were Connie Shea, Martha Dudman, David Woodside, Susan Albee, Russ Patton, Vicki Austin, Pam Curativo, Audrey Eaton, Cheryl Mullen, Judi Anderson, Dawn Crabtree, Ann Upham and Lisa Veazie.

Five-year services awards were presented to Melissa Hinckley, Ron Hamilton, Kirsten Hamilton, Nicole Hinkel, Edith Schwartz, Mary Hays, Maggie Hutchinson, Cathy Higgins, Stephanie Lewis, Lisa Holmes, Jim Lacasse, Ebony Patton, Ashley Matthews and Sarah Cormier.

Two employees successfully completed all requirements of the Northern New England School of Banking and received a Certificate of Completion: Sara O’Connell and Lucas Morris.

The Northern New England Center for Financial Training offers certificates and diplomas in several courses of study. Diplomas were received by employees June Atherton and Greg Jones. Employees at the Winter Harbor branch earned several certificates: Candy Pendleton, Heather Brown and Jenna Beal. The following Milbridge employees earned certificates: Shelley Gray, Alexandra Orcutt, and Dena Gatcomb. Bar Harbor Bank & Trust employees in Machias also earned certificates: Sarah Cormier and Lynn Huffman.