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Originally published in Seasonal Guide, September 27, 2012
Hunting season is just around the bend

With deer and moose hunting just weeks away, it’s time to suit up in “blaze” orange and pay up—the cost for a hunting, crossbow hunting or archery hunting license is $25. A junior license for young hunters between the ages of 10 and 15 is $7. Call your town hall for information or visit

Blue Hill Library offers hunter safety courses on October 1 and 6. Call 374-5515 for times and more information, or register on their Events Calendar at The Island Community Center in Stonington also offers classes on September 21 and 29 and may be contacted at 367-2735 for times and information.

In the meantime, here are the dates and hunting rules, which may vary from one Wild Management District (WMD) to the next, to keep in mind.

2012 Hunting Season
Deer: Firearms, Oct. 29-Nov. 24
Maine resident only, Oct. 27
Youth deer day, Oct. 20
Archery, Sept. 26-Oct. 26
Muzzleloader statewide: all WMDs, Sept. 28-Oct. 26
Muzzleloader WMDs 12, 13, 15 through 18, 20 through 26, 29, Dec. 3- Dec. 8
Expanded archery, Sept. 8-Dec.8
Moose: WMD 26 (inland Hancock County), Oct. 29-Nov. 24
Maine resident only, Oct. 27
WMDs 1 through 8, 11, Nov. 5-Nov. 10
Wild Turkey: (Zone 1) Archery only, Oct. 6-20
(Zone 2) Archery only, Sept. 28- Oct. 26
(Zone 3) Archery & shotgun, Oct. 13-19
Waterfowl: See

Key Hunting Regulations
Game bag limits: 1 moose with at least 3-inch antlers; 1 deer with at least 3-inch antlers, except with bonus antlerless deer permit or in expanded archery season; 1 bearded turkey.

Hunting hours: From 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset. There is no hunting on Sundays.

No shooting: Within 100 yards of a dwelling; from a motor vehicle, motor boat, or aircraft; from over or within 10 feet of a paved way.

Clothing: 2 articles of hunter orange, with one covering torso.

No hunting using artificial lights.

No hunting on posted land or on private land without permission of landowner.

Permit must be carried at all times.

No possession of loaded firearms in or on a motor vehicle.

No hunting under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Open registration stations: Deer-Brooklin General Store, 359-8817; C&G Grocery, Penobscot, 326-9311; Northern Bay Market, Penobscot, 326-8606; Surry Store, 667-6644. Moose-Eastbrook Variety Store, Eastbrook, 565-0981. Turkeys-Surry Store, 667-6644.