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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, October 25, 2012
Lightning strike causes extensive damage at Brooklin home

by Faith DeAmbrose

The occupants of a Hales Hill Road home were awoken by a lightning strike in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 20, according to Brooklin Fire Chief Sam Friend. The home was occupied by Allen Pooley and Willow Runningwater at the time of the strike, and while the occupants were able to suppress a small fire that developed, the damage to the electrical system of the house was extensive.

According to Friend, the lightning bolt hit an external TV antennae and traveled through the coaxial cable to the cable box and television. The bolt then found its way to the electrical box of the house and blew it completely from the structure. Lightning also traveled from an attached greenhouse across metal flashing and back to the main house, blowing off courses of shingles, interior trim and the sheetrock that was in its path.

“We did not have to do any suppression of any kind,” said the fire chief, adding that crews did examine each of the walls with a thermal camera to ensure there were no lingering hot spots.

The damage to the home, which is believed to be insured, was extensive, said Friend. “In my 18 years in this job this is the worse lightning strike I have ever seen.”

The Brooklin Volunteer Fire Department was assisted by departments from Sedgwick and Blue Hill.