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Originally published in Castine Patriot, October 11, 2012
Resident sets out to honor one of Penobscot’s own

Jim Henry supports the community

Jim Henry, Penobscot citizen, supports the community in many ways, says resident Sonia Turanski. She has set up the Jim Henry Scoreboard Donation Fund to place a scoreboard on Zig Zag field in his honor. Henry, pictured above at Northern Bay Market, which he owns and operates with his wife Pat, maintains the field for use by local children and ball teams.

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by Anne Berleant

“I’ve lived in Penobscot for 13 years, and Jim Henry has always been someone who has done a lot for the community in a lot of different ways,” said Sonia Turanksi, explaining why she stepped up to the plate as fundraiser for a Zig Zag Field scoreboard in his honor.

“It’s a field that kids in Penobscot use, the Little League uses, and as far as I know, Jim and [wife] Pat do all the mowing [and] make the lines,” Turanski said.

Most recently, the New Road field joined the roster of ball fields used for the annual Jared C. Grindle One-Pitch Co-ed Softball Tournament.

“On his own volunteer time, he has been keeping the field mowed and cleaned up,” Turanski said.

She first had the idea to honor Henry when she stopped by to purchase pizzas last winter to sell at her son’s wrestling match to raise money for the George Stevens Academy team.

“When Jim found out what it was for, he donated the pizzas,” she said. “I always thought if there was an award for good citizenship I would nominate him for it.”

Her first thought was to raise money for a second scoreboard for GSA, but Pat Henry said Jim would be honored, but that it might be appropriate closer to home.

“It really is a Penobscot thing—to honor him for being a great citizen of Penobscot,” Turanski concluded.

Zig Zag Field is owned by the town, and Turanski received unanimous approval from selectmen at their October 2 meeting to start the fund drive.

“The next day I went to Camden National Bank and opened up an account called the Jim Henry Scoreboard Donation Fund. People can walk in and make donations.”

Because there is no electricity at the field, Turanski priced manual score boards, and the “nicest one” costs around $1,500 installed. However, there are solar-powered electric boards, which she is looking into, although the cost is at least double.

“It’s really a matter of how much money we raise,” Turanski said. “If there’s any left over, we can paint the bleachers and build a snack stand.”

The purchase will have to be approved at the 2013 town meeting; Turanski hopes to have the scoreboard on the field in time for the spring and summer season.

“Usually people wait until people die, but I really wanted to honor him while he was alive for being a good citizen,” she said.

To contribute to the fund, call Sonia Turanksi at 266-9530 for information or stop at Camden National Bank.