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Originally published in Compass, November 8, 2012
George Stevens Academy to perform Into the Woods

George Stevens Academy presents a production of Steven Sondheim’s musical Into the Woods directed by Moira McMahon.

The plot intertwines several of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and exploring the consequences of the characters’ wishes and quests, according to a news release.

The story is tied together by a baker and his wife who are striving to begin a family but find that they have been cursed by the Witch. The show covers multiple themes: growing up, parenting children, accepting responsibility, morality, and consequences. The musical is appropriate for all ages.

Among the leading cast members are: Lorna Stephens as Cinderella, Nolan Ellsworth as the Baker, Lucy Jakub as the Baker’s Wife, Willem Hilliard as Jack and the Bean Stalk, Mackenzie Teft as Little Red Riding Hood, Aiden Ford as the Witch, Finn McMahon-Alwine as the Wolf, Peter Howell as Cinderella’s Prince, Alex Szwez as Rapunzel’s Prince, and Drew Cleveland as the Narrator. The musical and vocal director is Deborah Reinke, set designer is Heather Ford, and set construction is led by Jon Ellsworth and Henry Hilliard. The pit band members are Oliver Scott, piano, Steve Orlofsky, clarinet, Bill Schubeck, bass, Gavin Rogers, percussion, Sonja Hannington, flute and Alice Dillon, keyboard.