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Originally published in Compass, November 15, 2012
Traveling the turnpike? Bring more cash

by Jessica Brophy

Those traveling the Maine Turnpike will find the cost of tolls has risen—again.

A trip along the turnpike that cost $5 (from Augusta to York) now costs $7, as of November 1. The increases are spread across the tolls, with a dollar increase in the York toll from $2 to $3. Each other toll, in Gray, Wells, West Gardiner and New Gloucester will increase 50 cents.

The last increase was in February of 2009. This increase will generate an additional $21.1 million dollars each year, according to a press release from the Maine Turnpike Authority. The funds will be used to “continue a 30-year plan to maintain and rehabilitate the turnpike’s network of bridges, interchanges and pavement as well as pay off existing debt,” said the press release.

Those who use the E-ZPass will get a break, as rates will increase one cent per mile with up to a 50-percent discount for those who travel more than 30 or 40 trips on the turnpike per month, according to Turnpike Director Peter Mills.

For everyone else, be sure to have more cash.

More information about the Maine Turnpike Authority is available at