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Web exclusive, June 10, 2010
Christy Hill in Sedgwick is new wind power test site

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by Jonathan Thomas

The local group Peninsula Power has decided to move the proposed site for an anemometer test tower from its original site on Caterpillar Hill to a site on Christy Hill. Both locations are in Sedgwick.

At its May 27 meeting in the Blue Hill Town Hall, Paul Trowbridge said that he had obtained the signed paperwork from property owner Barbara Allen of Little Deer Isle to use a portion of her 700-acre parcel (map 5, lot 106) near Frost Pond for the test tower, and perhaps eventually a wind turbine. Trowbridge said that he also has written permission to cross the two properties between the Allen lot and the Old County Road to provide access to the site. The site change had previously been supported at Peninsula Power’s May 13 meeting.

Trowbridge noted that the 375-foot altitude of the new site at Christy Hill is slightly lower than on Caterpillar Hill. However, this site has the advantage of being further from existing residences. The nearest homes are about one-half to three-quarters of a mile away.

The University of Maine will set up the test tower, but no date for its placement has been announced. The instruments on the tower would measure and record wind speed and direction over one year. This information will help determine the site’s feasibility for a wind turbine to generate electricity. The test tower will be the last of six such towers being set up around the state.