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Web exclusive, December 3, 2009
Map explanation: Proposed and existing sites noted

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by Jonathan Thomas

This map is a composite of portions of Sedgwick’s tax maps 1, 2 and 3, with manually added information from Brooksville’s tax map 8, known by some as “The Porch.”

Peninsula Power

The locations of the Peninsula Power test tower to determine feasibility, and the proposed turbines, are in the top portion of the map.

The application for the test tower proposed that it be placed on lot 10 of map 2, owned by Gordon Gianninoto. The exact site would be determined by representatives from the University of Maine, pending grant approval by the selectmen and agreement of the landowner.

Peninsula Power’s Paul Trowbridge emphasized that no decisions have been made regarding the sites for the three turbines, and that the proposed locations are open for public discussion, with the community to be included in the decision making process.

Under the current plan, one of the turbines would be located on the Gianninoto lot (noted as G.G. on map). The second would be on lot 7 of map 2, owned by Heidi Lesinski.

The third would be on Brooksville’s lot 34 of tax map 8. The owner of record is Brown Trowbridge Properties LLC. (Trowbridge said that his ownership share of that lot is 3 percent.)

These sites would be accessed by a road starting at the Old County Road (along the top of the map), running southerly across lot 34 and 7, and ending at the turbine on lot 10. The route for that road would be determined by a later engineering study.

There is a nearby Bangor Hydro Electric substation at the corner of Route 15 and the Old County Road. Whether and how either wind power facility would be connected to this substation would be addressed at a later time by BHE engineers.

Coastal Green Energy

Ricky Spofford’s Coastal Green Energy is lot 19 of map 1, near the bottom right of the map, with frontage on Routes 15 and 172, just east of the intersection with the Herrick Road.

Spofford has access to the northern end of lot 19 from the Caterpillar Hill Road, north of Nelson Grindal’s land, which is lot 1 of map 3.

The new Sargentville Fire Station is on lot 38-3. The Eggemoggin Country Store is on lot 38B.

Spofford’s existing test tower is in the northern portion of lot 19. The placement of the proposed wind turbines on this lot has not yet been determined, according to Spofford.