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Roundabout Diagram

Roundabout Diagram

In the Figure 1, the car entering the intersection enters the roundabout slowly, but without stopping. The driver should then use her turn signal to indicate when she will exit the roundabout. If she wants to “turn left,” she must proceed all the way around the roundabout and turn right onto the desired road—there are no left turns on a roundabout. All traffic flows counter clockwise. In Figure 2, the driver of car A must yield to car B, as car B is already in the roundabout. Traffic in the roundabout has the right-of-way. In Figure 3, car A wants to enter the roundabout. Car B is in the roundabout, so car A must yield. Car B signals it is leaving the roundabout, so car A is then free to enter the roundabout.

Photo courtesy of George Eaton

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