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Reporting from Kabul

Carolyn Coe has traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan five times in the past four years as a volunteer working with youth and their peace efforts, in addition to reporting at WERU Community Radio and online and sharing her experience at public events.

Carolyn Coe

Carolyn Coe

Carolyn Coe travels to Kabul, Afghanistan, and, recently, also to Honduras to report and work with street youth and youth peace workers.

Photo by Anne Berleant

Street Kids School, Kabul

Street Kids School, Kabul

The Street Kids School, one of the programs run out of the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Kabul, Afghanistan, teaches nonviolence, Dari, and math to very poor Afghan children. Many of the children work in Kabul’s streets, washing cars, selling small items, and collecting scrap metal. The teachers at the school are student volunteers from Afghan high schools and universities.

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Coe

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