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I would live to thank all of those who have shown such support and caring since I lost my home and pets to a fire on June 8. Your generosity has been amazing and I wish I could thank everyone personally. I would like to extend a special thank you to the firefighters from Deer Isle and the surrounding towns, the Memorial Ambulance crew, my children, my father, brother and sister in law, my neighbors, Ricky and Tyler Spofford, Byron Hutchinson, Ed Davis, Kristie Marks, Sandra Gross and Sandra Matthews and her family. You are all heroes and I will never be able to say thank you enough. Wendy Joyce

Heartfelt thanks for the words of comfort and remembrance, and for the food, the drink, and the Fatwood, for the mowing, the clipping, the sand and the flowers; and for all the help and the support in our time of sorrow. Surely there's no better place to live. Cindy Reilly, Leslie Diodati, Meghan and Andrew Birdsall and family

On June 7, I had the misfortune of having an appendicitis attack. I had the good fortune of being in Blue Hill where I could receive excellent care. I wish to thank Chris Ebert and Dan Lavitt of Tradewinds Marketplace; Cody Varnum and David Dostie of Peninsula Ambulance Corps; and BHMH staff Timothy Coury, MD, Amy Tan, MD, Megan McAlonie, CRNA, as well as other medical staff, too many to mention by name but no less appreciated. A special thank you to good neighbors, Eleanor and Donald McFarland of Brooklin. Becky Clapp, Vestavia Hills, AL and Brooklin