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We printed an ad under our Classified Automotive section for a “1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454, manual 4 Speed” in the Jan. 14 and 21 papers. Do not reply to this ad. We trust our customers and took the ad at face value, since it met our policy guidelines. Unfortunately, we have subsequently learned from a police investigation that it was submitted under false pretenses and is a scam. We apologize for falling victim and putting our readers at risk.

2005 SUBARU FORESTER, 150k miles. 5 speed, excellent vehicle. Price reduced to $5,500 OBO. Hank Whitsett. 348-6005.

UNDERCOATING. Prevent and arrest rust. Ron's 367-2757.

WARRANTIED AND INSPECTED used cars, trucks and SUVs, starting at $3,000. Ron's 367-2757.