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Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

What will the app of the newspaper include?
You will have access to a full-color version of your favorite local newspaper. There will often be active hyperlinks in the story to more photos, videos, supporting documents and more. The app issue is available when the print version hits the store shelves and before the printed paper comes in the mail.

Does this mean the newspapers will no longer be printing hard copies?
The newspapers will continue in print every week.

What does it cost?
Individual issues can be purchased for $1.99 apiece.
Subscriptions are available for 3, 6 or 12 months:
Three months (12 issues) — $14.99
Six months (26 issues) — $25.99
One year (52 issues) — $42.99

Why are single issues $1.99 in the app?
The app subscriptions are cheaper than the average paper subscription - at $42.99 for 12 months you are paying around 82¢ an issue. This includes exclusive content as well.

I have a print subscription. Do I get the digital subscription for free?
The digital subscription is a different product from the print subscription. Therefore, having a print subscription doesn’t give access to the digital version, or vice versa.

Is there a discount for the digital subscription if I have a print subscription?
Periodic discounts and specials will be offered to Penobscot Bay Press customers. To be kept up-to-date on offers, join our mailing list.

What is Newsstand?
Newsstand is Apple’s marketplace for newspapers and magazines. You can find it on your iPhone or iPad.

If I have a subscription on my iPhone, can I access it on my iPad?
Yes, you can install the apps on multiple devices and all of the devices can access your purchased content as long as you log in with the same Magzter account.

I don’t have an Apple device. Can I still get the digital version?
Absolutely! You will need to download a free application called Magzter, available here for Android. Through that application, you can search for The Weekly Packet, Castine Patriot, Island Ad-Vantages or Penobscot Bay Press to purchase the digital subscription.

Once I get a subscription to a newspaper, how long will it take before I have access to the latest issue?
The latest issue will begin downloading as soon as you have purchased a subscription. New issues will be available by noon on the date of publication.

Will I have access to back issues?
No, you will have access to issues during the time period for which you have a subscription. But if you would like a back issue you are welcome to purchase a one-time issue at $1.99.

Are there limits to how many times I can view the newspaper issue once I’ve purchased it?
No, there are no limits. You can read the newspaper any number of times.

When my subscription ends, do my old newspapers disappear?
No, once you have purchased an issue it remains in your account. There is no expiration date.

Can I get a PDF version of the newspaper?
No, you can only view your subscription through one of the Magzter or Newsstand applications or in your Web browser through

How do I renew or change my subscription?
The app will automatically renew at the time of expiration based on your payment options you set up when you subscribe. You can unsubscribe at any time by going into your device settings. For specifics on how to unsubscribe on your device and for more information on the apps, visit Magzter's FAQ page.

If I have a print subscription, or pick up the paper weekly,
what’s the benefit of an app?

The app is cheaper than an out-of-state subscription and is available worldwide on the day of publication. The mobile version is offered in full color with clickable hyperlinks and gives you access to extra content that is only available in the mobile version. You can bookmark and make notes for future reference, and the issues are available indefinitely once purchased (and won’t yellow over time!).

Can I give the app as a gift?
Yes, when you go to view on Magzter an issue or a subscription, next to the purchase this issue/subscription button is a gift this issue/subscription button. You will need the recipient's name and email address.

How do I get the apps?
You can find links to all of our apps by visiting our app page, or you can search for us on Apple’s app store or on Magzter’s marketplace.

What operating systems can I use the apps on?
Our standalone apps are available on Apple’s iOS. You can also access your subscription through the Magzter apps on Android and Windows 8 or using a Web browser at We currently do not offer apps for Windows Mobile, Kindle Fire or Blackberry platforms.

Who do I contact if I am having a problem with my app subscription?
For answers to technical questions about the apps, please visit Magzter's FAQ page. For problems with one of the apps, please visit the Magzter support page. For any other problems, please e-mail or call our offices in Blue Hill (207-374-2341) or Stonington (207-367-2200) .

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