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Who We Are

Our Brand

Penobscot Bay Press connects people, businesses, institutions and organizations in the community with unique and locally focused news, information, products and services.

Our Mission

It is our mission and purpose to provide information products and services to the people of the communities we serve with news of governmental, civic, business and educational institutions; coverage of social doings and in-depth looks at individuals and events; notification of meetings and happenings; opinions of our staff and opportunity for opinions of others on the important issues and problems facing the communities.

We strive to be the information marketplace for all the products and services within the community. As one of the few institutions that can reach all members of the community, we provide the information glue that helps the community function and hold together.

Our Core Values

Our core values serve as guidelines and foundation for our brand and our mission as we work to achieve our visions and meet our objectives.

• Honesty, diligence, thoroughness and accountability. These are the beacons we follow as we create, produce and distribute our news and information products.
• Compassion, fairness and balance. As a locally owned company staffed by people who live in the communities we serve, this is how we operate.
• Excellence and professionalism. This is what we expect of ourselves.
• Stewardship of the public trust. We understand this expectation and constantly work to ensure it exists.
• Transparency and leadership. We model these as we operate with objectivity and accountability.
• We understand what the Sense of Place Concept means to us, our products and our customers